Algorithm study notes




A general recursive template for backtracking:

helper (parameters of given data and current recursive level) {
        // Handle base cases, i.e. the last level of recursive call
        if (level == lastLevel) {
            record result;
            return sth;
        // Otherwise permute every possible value for this level.
        for (every possible value for this level) {
            helper(parameters of given data and next recursive level);
        return sth;



GDB useful addons or plugins

Helpful GDB Plugins:PEDAPEDA – Python Exploit Development Assistance for GDB Enhanced Features An Exploit Dev Swiss Army Knife.…

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some interesting linux command

1. Supervise command (run every 2s) watch "ls -larth"2. Kill program using one port sudo fuser -k 8000/tcp3. Limit memory usage for following commands ulimit -Sv 1000 # 1000 KBs = 1 MBulimit -Sv unlimited # Remove limit4. Rename selected...…

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