编译的时候: -g

开始调试:gdb [-tui] test

设置断点:(gdb) breakpoint test.c:123 or  (gdb) b main

运行程序(后面可以跟参数):(gdb) run [arg1 arg2]

清除断点:(gdb) clear

跟踪堆栈:(gdb) where

打印参数:(gdb) print f.BlockType

用16进制打印:(gdb) print/x f.BlockType

单步调试(不进入函数内部):(gdb) next or (gdb) n

单步调试(进入函数内部):(gdb) step or (gdb) s

在每个命令后都显示参数:(gdb) display f.BlockType

设定参数:(gdb) set f.BlockType=0

继续运行:(gdb) cont

推出:(gdb) quit


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首先说下强弱类型,根据维基百科的定义: In computer programming, programming languages are often colloquially classified as strongly typed or weakly typed (loosely typed). These terms do not have a precise definition, but in general, a strongly typed language is mor...…

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