ROS study note

You can choose any editor you like to implement you ROS project. There are some official IDE configuration for ROS :

I prefer using VIM. There is an VIM plugin named rosvim we can use. To install it:

(I use spf13-vim so it uses vundle to manage VIM plugin)

$ echo Bundle \'taketwo/vim-ros\' >> ~/.vimrc.bundles.local
$ vim +BundleInstall! +BundleClean +q

When I run roscore (ROS master) on the sensor, then I try to run “rosnode echo rosout” to print the information of the rosout. It show “Couldn’t find an AF_INET address for “. So we should set the ROS_IP on our host like “export ROS_IP=”.



install eclipse on ubuntu 14.04

before install, you should update your JRE and JDK to 8:Final UpdateJDK<span class="pln">sudo apt</span><span class="pun">-</span><span class="pln">get install openjdk</span><span class="pun">-</span>...…

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编译的时候: -g开始调试:gdb [-tui] test设置断点:(gdb) breakpoint test.c:123 or  (gdb) b main运行程序(后面可以跟参数):(gdb) run [arg1 arg2]清除断点:(gdb) clear跟踪堆栈:(gdb) where打印参数:(gdb) print f.BlockType用16进制打印:(gdb) print/x f.BlockType单步调试(不进入函数内部):(gdb) next or (gdb) n单步调试(进...…

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